Thursday, February 10, 2011

Graduated school at The Grand Central Academy

I have just concluded my three and a half years at the Grand Central Academy. I have much gratitude for all the teachers and fellow classmates that have made these past few years an amazing experience!!
I will continue to teach at GCA Friday nights (Cast Drawing) and Saturdays (Cast Sculpture). Please stay in-touch, more new adventures to come!
Here is my last figure painting done at GCA as a student. The stages of progress: Color study then start to finish of final pass modeling.


  1. These are lovely but so you have larger versions of these?

  2. Sorry guys! I have tried several times to figure out why I can't get some of my pictures to open up larger. I do the same thing every time I down load pictures here and the program just doesn't allow some pictures to open. Still unsure why. I will keep trying thou.