Wednesday, December 4, 2013

workshops coming up!!


North West Fine Art Studio
Vancouver, CANADA 
February, 24th - 28th, 2014
Figure/Portrait workshop - $700.00

 Class Description: One week Portrait Painting or Drawing

The first day of the workshop will cover the understanding of 2-dimensional block-in using pencil on paper. Having an accurate block-in is the most important stage to drawing and painting. We will work with analyzing and improving our way of seeing to be more accurate to life. Students will learn to see flat shapes (mass drawing) to become more visually abstract with their thought process. Comparative measuring, angles, and alignments as necessary tools to use in a systematical approach will also be covered.

On the second day students will learn how to do an oil transfer of their drawing to canvas, as well as how to complete a one day color study. The rest of the week we will use the understanding of hue, value and chroma to paint 3-Dimensional Form. Organizing a palette as well as a mindset will enforce good controlled decisions and habits that will result in skills to accurately draw and paint what you see.
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Cloud Castle Art Studio
Angela Cunningham 
Still Life & Portrait Painting 
June 16-27, 2014

Sketches or color studies are a great way to develop your decision making skills. In both these classes, still life and portrait, we will use the first hour of class focusing on block-in. We will draw directly with paint on the canvas. Then we’ll spend the next four hours of class focusing on form and color to create a 3 dimensional likeness of the subject.  Comparative measuring, angles, and alignments, along with hue, value and chroma will be discussed. Organizing a palette as well as a mindset will enforce good controlled decisions and habits that will result in skills to accurately draw and paint what you see.

Each day we will start with a new canvas (average size being 8” x 6”). Having a different subject each day will cultivate an understanding of how to use an open palette and making new color decisions based on the subject matter.  It’s recommended for this class that students have some prior drawing skills.

June 16 – 20, M – F, 10AM – 3PM
5 days

Cost: $650

June 23 – 27, M – F, 10AM – 3PM
5 days with models

Cost: $650
Registration fee does not include materials: upon registration students will be provided with a detailed list of what to bring to class

SERIES DISCOUNT:Sign up for both classes for $1,200 (save $100)
Classes are limited to 10 students.

TO REGISTER: Call or email Gabriel Coke 831-345-1845