Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are very pleased to announce the winners of GCA Scholarship Awards for Academic Achievement in 2008 – 2009! The $7,500 and $2,500 prizes for first and second place, respectively, are applied towards the following year’s core tuition. In accepting the prize, each student is committing to remain in the core program for the full year.

Figure Category:
1st Place – Will St. John
2nd Place – Angela Cunningham

Cast Category:
1st Place – Carla Crawford
2nd Place – Emilie Lee

This year’s awards in the figure category were based primarily on a group of figure works. Will’s figure painting over the last year displays a deep understanding of the human form and conveys a mood that transcends academic study while showing a commitment to a classical aesthetic. Angela’s figure drawings are a meditation on form, expertly supported by a foundation of solid anatomy. From her figure drawing to figure sculpture to cast painting, she is developing into the sort of well-rounded artist rarely seen over the past century.

This year’s awards in the cast category were based on the completion of a single spectacular piece. Carla displayed constant focus during class and did some of the best block in and form work seen this year. Emilie chose one of the most difficult casts and inspired us all with her patience and perseverance to bring her piece to successful completion.

GCA Scholarship Committee