Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Work

"Justina", pencil on paper, sold

"Don", pencil on paper

"David", pencil on paper

"Jessica", Hydorcal

School and work keep me pretty busy. And it has been hard to keep up on this blog. I apologize. But here is a few new pieces. Let me know what you think. 


  1. Beautiful work Angela! I especially love the hooded eyes on the sculpture, makes her unique and causes me to stop and pay attention to her.

  2. That sculpture is breath-taking! Reminds me of Degas' Ballet Dancer. So graceful.

  3. Hey Ang, I love these! The drawing of Don is so nice. You 'got' his gentle eyes, even unfinished! Love seeing the process. Also I think it's so interesting how the first portrait looks like such a contemporary person with you only having drawn her face. How? Rock on girl.

  4. Your work is phenomenal, Angela! Your portrait and figure work are very gifted. I'm very proud of you. All of your hard work is obviously paying off in results!