Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some of my 2nd year work

cast painting in progress

Four hour portrait study 

"Jesse", oil on canvas

"Santiago", pencil on paper

"Anna Nina", pencil on paper


  1. This drawing is absolutly stunning.
    I've no words... brilliant!

  2. I'm referring specially to the last drawing, but the las two are incredible. The subtle model of the values is amazing.

  3. Incredible work Angela. The face is so wonderful! Lovely new pieces in here.

  4. I think already comment on this... but well, here goes again!
    I can't believe the SOLIDITY, the incredible sense of weight that these graphite drawings have.
    The values, the subtle modeling that you achieve is really amazing.
    We know, GCA students produce, in his vast majority, TOP level works,
    but yours - I think - goes beyond that.

    May I ask you - and I hope this doesn't bother you- about the main shading technique
    that you use on these, or in the previous mouth cast?

    As I understand, is just HB graphite, right?
    Do you use crosshatching? Do you blend wit any external tool?
    (stomps, chamois, tissue, tortillons, brush?).

    I thinks that is only an hiperlight touch with your pen.
    but well, just curious about it!

    Thanks and congrats again!
    Your work is terrific!

  5. The bronze cast painting is really sharp. Beautiful handling of the color and all it's nuances.

  6. congratulations for your jobs, it's beautiful!

  7. THANKS everyone for such support and kind words. Ariel, about my drawing method, its completely the GCA working method for modeling and form. I do a complete block in, which you can still see on both figure drawings. Then using an H, 2H, and 4H pencils I start modeling. The modeling is done one area at a time to full completion or as accurate as possible before moving to next section. Its a very slow and patient way of working. There is no crosshatching or blending involved at all. Just a delicate touch and patience. Its all about the mind set of seeing forms and plans in a sculptural sense. Hope that is helpful.

  8. Thanks for your answer Angela!
    I'm anxious to see more of your work!